Descendants of Manassah MINOR



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  Birth - Date: 10 Jul 1795  Place: Petersburg, Rensselaer, N. Y.


Daughter of Ebenezer Dennis and Sarah Dennis.

Elizabeth PALMER

Died at age 50 years.

3110. Eliza Ann PALMER

Died at age 50 years.

Henry Albert BROWN

Son of Noyes Brown and Mary Polly Palmer.

3112. Bridget PALMER

Unmarried, no issue.

3113. Noyes PALMER

Lost at sea 15 Feb 1846.  No issue.

Randall BROWN Capt.

Son of Joshua Brown and Joanna Rogers.
He was a Militia Captain and was a farmer.  He attended the Road Congregational Church.

1066. Noyes W. PALMER III

Noyes also married (2) 27 Sep 1824 Mary ROSSITER, (3) 28 Mar 1844 Harriett

He was a deacon.


Daughter of Peleg Denison and Mary Gray.

Harriet Eliza HART

Daughter of Rev. Ira Hart and Maria Sherman, of New Haven, Conn.  The Sherman line goes back to Roger Sherman, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

3128. Charles Theodore Hart PALMER

Charles resided in Stonington, was admitted to the 1st Con. Church on 7 Apr 1839.  He was a graduate of Yate College in 1847 with the degree of AB, and soon became a lawyer.  In 1850 he went to California by the way of the Straits of Magellan.  He engaged in mining in the counties of Eldorado and Nevada.  He went to Folsom, Sacramento, Calif., where he was in banking until 1877.  Practiced law in Oakland.  He had an office in San Frnacisco where he practiced law for a n;umber of years.  He was a Republican and an active Mason.  He had no children.

Susan Mary SMITH

Daughter of Joseph Smith and Nancy Eells.

1070. Alexander PALMER

1Father: Noyes PALMER       Mother: Dorothy STANTON

heir: Heber J. Grant

Hannah Adelia BILLINGS

Daughter of Stephen Billings and Martha Allyn, of Groton, Conn.

3138. James Allen PALMER

! James  A. palmer was unmarried.

3139. John Stanton PALMER

Sep 28 1846 is another possible birth date.

3142. Adelia PALMER

Aug 16 is another possible birth date.

Charlotte CAULKINS

of Washington, Dutchess, New York


Daughter of Lemuel Palmer and Abigail Davis.

Harriet Elizabeth PALMER

Father: Rosell Saltonstall Palmer          Mother: Desire Palmer

1075. Elizabeth PALMER

Died at age 50 years.