Descendants of Manassah MINOR


4292. Albert Henry MINER

Albert & Jullia lived Oxford, Nova Scotia, Springhille and Smherst Nova
Scotia Canada.

8561. N. Dean MINER

Dean Miner resided in  Petersboro, Ontario, Canada.  Never married.
He taught violin.

8563. Christine MINER

Christine Miner never married. Was a duetcuan, Arlington Memorial Hospital
Abbington, Pennsylvania.

8564. J. Albert MINER

J Albert Miner resided Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada

4293. Walter Nathan MINER

! Walter Nathan Miner published  "The Miner Family, Horton Branch" in
 1932 after the death of the author, his cousin Thomas Miner Johnson. He
 resided in Calasi Maryland.

 He studied medicine  and graduated from Univ. of Maryland and John Hopkins
 Univ.  In 1916 received  degree PACS.  He purchased and operated hospital
 in Calism Maryland and became specialiset insurgery.


Daughter of James E. Delahay and Martha

4296. Lloyd Gerald MINER

Lloyd and Imogene and second wife Minnie lived on Lloyd's father's homestead
in Mr. Whatley, Nova Scotia, Canada.

8569. Bertha B. MINER

Bertha Miner was a nurse.

8570. Mary P. MINER

 Mary P. Miner was a nurse.

8572. Carvel S. MINER

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Carvel S

Thomas William KEILLOR

! William & Bertha had no childedn.. She died 31 Jan. 1906.  William
 Keillor then married Bertha's sister Pearl L. 22 Aug 1907 they hed
 two children.

Mary Ann WARD

Father: William Ward, Jr.              Mother: Abigail Fielding

4310. Clinton North PECK

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Henry J./Clinton North

BIRTH: Also shown as Born Abt 1855

BIRTH: Also shown as Born <1855>, .

Louise Dorcas MARBLE

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Jewel D.