Descendants of Manassah MINOR


3391. William Randall AVERY

Moved to Cincinnati, OH in 1867; prominent in insurance and banking; Knight
Templar and 33 degree Mason; Auditor of Cincinnati Street Railway Co.  Retired
to Canestota, NY.

Lucy Morgan GALLUP

Daughter of Franklin Gallup and Sarah Burrows.

3392. Stephen AVERY

He was a merchant in Canastota, NY.

Anna Augusta TACKABURY

Daughter of Nathaniel James Tackabury and Ellen Bowers.

William Robert GROAT

He was a Canastota merchant.
Son of Philip Peter Groat and Harriet Van Deusen.

7234. Jessie Avery GROAT

Graduate of Syracuse Univ.

7235. William Avery GROAT

Graduate of Syracuse Univ; Medical School 1900.

3410. Frances Leeds NOYES

Daughter of William Chesebrough Noyes and Jane Russell Keown.

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Francis Leeds

BIRTH: Also shown as Born 1838, Stonington, New London, Connecticut.

DEATH: Also shown as Died 1923


BIRTH: Also shown as Born Jun 1833, Buffalo, Erie, New York.

DEATH: Also shown as Died 1908

Marriage Notes for Frances Leeds Noyes and Henry Fox TAINTOR

MARRIAGE: Also shown as Married Manhattan, New York, New York.

William Reynolds BROWN

Son of William Smith Brown.

Grace Walton KERNOCHAN

Daughter of Henry Parish Kernochan and Grace Walton Ogden.

Jennie E. RIDER

Daughter of Henry Rider and Mary Jane Johnson.