Descendants of Manassah MINOR


106. Anna CHAMPLIN

Anna married Benjamin MINER, son of Clement and Abigail HEMPSTEAD.  See
additional family listing in the Joseph MINER-Mary AVERY file.

Josiah GRANT

Did Josiah marry Sarah (19 May 1751), dau of Thomas MINOR & Sarah Watson
                Sarah (16 Sep 1752), dau of Joseph MINER & Philena WALWORTH

BIRTH: Also shown as Born Stonington, New London, Connecticut, British Colonial America.

BIRTH RITE: Also shown as Christening New London, Connecticut, British Colonial America.

409. Sarah GRANT

BIRTH: Also shown as Born Stonington, New London, Conn..

Lucretia SAFFORD

Daughter of Joseph Safford and Patience Yeomans.

Hempstead Chesebrough MINER

BIRTH: Also shown as Born of Stonington, Conn..

417. Priscilla MINER

(Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Manassah, Thomas).


Son of Naboth Chesebrough and Phebe Palmer.
Died at age 39 years.

110. William MINER

He served in Rev. War, in Col. Parson's 6th Light Connecticut Mililtia.

Abigail HALEY

Daughter of John Haley and Deborah Fanning.

419. Sarah MINER

Sarah was unmarried.

421. George MINER

. George Miner was lost at sea at age 19.  Unmarried.

Joseph MC CABE

of New York City, New York.

Hannah HALEY

DAughter of John Haley and Deborah Fanning.


Son of John Palmer and Anna Noyes.


Father:  Samuel Whitter or Witter    Mother: Sarah CALKINS
Lived in Horton, Nova Scotia, Canada.

453. Samuel MINER


458. Benjamin MINER


459. Jacob Griffin MINER

Drowned on a volyage to Pictou in 1818.  He was unmarried.

118. Sylvanus MINOR

Sylvanus Miner died 9 May 1794 in his 52ed. year leaving a young family.
See Vol. I Page 150, Kentville, NS. Probaate records.  TMS. has copy of
the Will preserved in Document Album-donor Phillip Thorpe.

His widow (called Ruth but changed to Lucy in Administration dated 13 Jun 1794
- Vol 1, p. 150 Kentville, NS Probate Records.  TMS has copy of his will
preserved in Document Album; donor: Phillip Thorpe).  Lucy married 2nd 22 Sep
1796, Horton, NS Edward Phelps and is so identified in 10 Apr 1800
distribution of 1st husband's estate (Kentville Prob. Rec. Vol. 1.pp 182-184).
At that time the real estate was divided in thirds:  1/3 to Edward Phelps as
widow's dower rights;  1/3 to brother James who was appointed guardian of two
youngest children, Anne and Sylvanus;  1/3 to son-in-law John Davis in behalf
of daughters Amy (wife of John Davis), Lucy and Cynthia.

Lucy 'Ruth' BROWNELL

Father: Aaron Brownell                   Mother: Alice Southworth
of Jolicure, New Brunswick.
Md (2) 22 Sept 1796, in Horton, Nova Scitia, Edward Phelps.

472. Sabra PECK

Oak Grove Cemetary

120. James MINOR

! James died intestate, leaving a widow and 6 children.  Administration
 granted 16 Jan 1826. (Kentville, Nova Scotia Probate Records, Vol. II,
 Page 176.

Elizabeth TURNER

Daughter of John Turner and Bathsheba Whipple.