Descendants of Manassah MINOR


1524. John MCELMON

John EcElmon was afarmer and resided in East Laicester, Nova Scotia.

1539. George MINER

George & Abriel Miner resided in Amherst Head, Nova Scotia, Milltown NB, and
Milltown, Maine.

Listed in the 1851 census for Shediac, Westmorland, New Brunswick.
George Miner, 40, born NB, farmer
Abigail, wife, 39
Elizabeth, 15
Levenia, 14
Thomas, 10
Harriet, 8
George, 7
Sarah, 5
Valentine, 5

In the same household, Ann Read, widow, 30, and Lyticia Read, 7.

Abigail Amelia COVE

Daughter of Henry Robinson and Eliza Harriet Cove.
Another source gives parents as Thomas Cove and Phebe Read/Reid.

William Rufus WOOD

William & Annie resided in Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada.

1540. John MINER

John & Jane Miner spent the first part of their married life in Mt. Whatley,
New Brunswick,Canada. They moved to Amherst, Novo Scotia, and latter nearly
all of his family moved to Middleton, Washington, Maine. where he remained
untill his death in 1986.

4249. Sylvanus MINER

 Sylvanus Miner was maried twice.  No Issue.

4256. Miner George COVE

George Miner married and moved  to California.

4258. Ethilinda COVE

Ethilinda Cove is buried Little River Cwmetery in Oxford, Nova Scotia.
She resored at her parent's home. She never Married.


Son of Thomas Johnson.
Deacon of Little River Baptist church.  Levi was buried on  Fathers
farm old buring Ground.

Marriage Notes for Lucy Miner and Levi B. JOHNSON

Son of Thomas Johnson and Pheobe Brundage.


 Andrew and Ruth resided Carman Mountain & Little River Nova Scotia, Canada.

4270. Wilford PARKER

Wilford Parker never married.