Descendants of Manassah MINOR


4069. Charles Guilford NEWCOMB

Line 619357 from GEDCOM File not recognizable or too long:
 MARR DATE 29 FEB 1882

Emeline Amy THORPE

Daughter of Eliphalet and Sarah Thorpe, of Baxters Harbour, Nova Scotia.


Father: William Anderson                   Mother: Harriet Bishop

4089. Nelson B. MINOR Jr.

Nelson and Ellen moved from Nova Scotia to Wisconsin in 1874 and latter
about 1890 moved to Northern Michigan.
Vern W. McIntyre reports the birth as 12 Sep 1849, at St. Isidore, Quebec.

8226. Stanton Lowel MINOR

.Stanton Miner never married.

4092. Sarah Marie MINOR

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Mary

ID: Merged with a record that used the ID TMD4008

BIRTH: Also shown as Born 1860

BURIAL: Also shown as Buried Rapid River, Michigan.

4093. Samuel MINOR

 Samuel and Emma had three children born in infancy no names or dates of
 birth of these three children have numbers reseverd for them on page
 463 TMS record.# 5747-5748-5749.


Mr. miller and Ellen lives in Portland Oregon.

4094. Adelphus David MINOR

David, as a young boy, moved with his family from Qubecc to Egg Harbor,
Wisconsin. Following his marriage to Mary he moved to northern Michigan
wher he established the MINOR lumber camps.

Mary Elizabeth SCOTT

Daughter of John Scott and Sarah Ann Ligget, both born in Ireland.