Descendants of Ephraim MINER


1010. Thomas FRINK

"The Southern Frinks," by B. Otis Prince, p. 22.

He was a membver of the Senate from Columbus County, North Carolina, at intervals between 1809 and 1834; served on the Commission to divide Columbus from Brunswick and Bladen Counties.  Was a man of education, wealth and integrity.

Rebecca Ann GORE

Daughter of William Gore (1753-1828) and Mary Wimmons (b 1758).


Son of Gideon Hinman and Hannah Curtis.

Moses married Mary Miner Shaw in 1777, she in a sister of Gen. Samuel Shaw of Revolutionary fame. She was born at Stonington on the fifth of May 1758.
Soon after Moses Hinman was married he moved to a place called Clarendon, Vermont, which is situated near Rutland where his family of eight children were born which included Aaron Hinman.

Katherine DENISON

Katherine Denison is the daughter of Daniel Denison and Katherine Avery.


Daughter of Daniel Denison and Katherine Avery.

3492. Drusilla JONES

Drusilla died age 17 years.

3496. William JONES

William died at age 14 months.

3497. Alvah JONES

.Alvah Jones died age 3 years.


Daniel Denison and Hannah lived in Stephentown, NY and later in Seneca, NY.

3512. Lorena DENISON

Lorena Denison had not issue.