21st Biennial Thomas Minor Society Reunion

You are cordially invited to attend the 21st biennial Thomas Minor Society reunion in Boston, Massachusetts in 2021!

  •   If you would like further information or would like to help with the reunion, please contact the reunion chair, Jody Wren, at


Previous TMS reunions have been held at the locations listed:

1979             Chew Magna, Somerset, England – Founding Meeting

1981              Mystic, Connecticut

1983              Natchez, Mississippi

1985              Salt Lake City, Utah

1987              Chew Magna, Somerset, England

1989              Eureka, California

1991               Stonington, Connecticut

1993               Miami to Nassau aboard the Nordic Empress

1995               Calgary, Alberta, Canada

1997               Salt Lake City, Utah

1999               Chew Magna, Somerset, England

2001               Grand Rapids, Michigan

2003               New London, Connecticut

2005               Monterrey, California

2008              Chew Magna, Somerset, England – 400th Anniversary

2010               Washington, DC

2012                Miami to Nassau aboard the Majesty of the Seas

2015               Stonington, Connecticut

2017               Knoxville, Tennessee

2019               Salt Lake City, Utah



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